Baby C photoshoot

Baby C photoshoot

Baby C

This newborn photoshoot took place on a very wet and cold December morning in Brighton, Sussex.

I was particularly looking forward to this session as I had photographed the big sister to celebrate her 1st birthday a couple of years previously. It is always an absolute pleasure to be asked back when a new member of the family arrives.

Baby C was ever so calm and spent the first half of the session awake and alert and the second half snoozing peacefully. This newborn photoshoot actually took place when baby C was 4 weeks old. The suggestion is to do a newborn session within the first 2 weeks of the arrival, when in reality this doesn’t work for everyone. It is a big adjustment and depending on the labour you had and how your eldest has reacted to the new arrival it can all feel too much. However this does not mean you have missed the opportunity. As you can see from this session all the little newborn features are still there plus we achieved some awake images also.

A photoshoot taking place a few weeks later also allows mum to have got more into a routine and have recovered a little more from the birth. So don’t let the time frame put you off, there is never a bad time to capture those precious moments with a new arrival!

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